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Somatic Based Percussion Tool Training with Integrative Movements - One Month - 4 Classes

Somatic Based Percussion Tool Training with Integrative Movements - One Month - 4 Classes

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Somatic Based Percussion Tool Training with Integrative Movements

Join me online in this 52-week series, where you'll learn how to release pain and dysfunction from your entire body and reclaim optimal rest, freedom, and renewal by effectively using a percussion tool, gentle movements, and conscious rest. Over the next year, we will address your entire body! 

Regardless of how stuck you feel or how many traumas and conditions you are dealing with, your body is made to heal! I have spent the last 30 years helping clients to unlock their innate power of renewal and healing. The exciting thing is that you can do most of it at home. The secret is to learn how to apply gentle percussion, strengthen your rest and recovery pathways, use movement as medicine, and renew your relationship with the areas of your body that are in pain or dysfunction. Don't worry; it may sound like a lot, but I have a step-by-step process and will be with you the whole way. 
Once you learn these skills, you can support your friends and family with the same results. Once they experience gentle and easy healing, most clients naturally begin to share it with those around them.

I love this part so much. It's common for participants to go on holiday and encounter their family and friends who are in pain. When they return, they share stories about how they helped their sister or mother. 

After completing this course, they have the tools to offer support and information that delivers actual results. By learning this work, you become the change that makes a difference in this world for yourself and those around you.

This program uses a systematic approach that physically reconditions the circulation and detox pathways, creating space for the parasympathetic system to work. You will learn to condition sensory pathways for optimal rest, detoxification, and renewal, empowering you to take control of your health and well-being.

The program consists of five parts per week:

1. Learn about the region we are addressing that week in your body and feel how hard it has worked or all it has been through during your life.
2. Learn the optimal strokes of the percussion tool and how to release and resensitize the area without pain or pushing. Each precise stroke helps reestablish optimal blood and lymph circulation, reawakening detoxification and sensory pathways.
3. Condition this region of your body to rest by relinking the brain's sensory integration to this area with guided sensory awareness techniques and connected breathing exercises. 
4. Restore your body's ability to sense and communicate with you, providing you with the skills and tools to help ease chronic pain and dysfunction.
5. Beginner-level conditioning movements that help you reclaim function and mobility for the area we have just integrated this week. You'll have the rest of the week to repeat these exercises and be ready to move with the following week. 

You will have access to an online library of videos and guided exercises that you can reference throughout the year. After completing the class, you will have access to these resources for one year. 

I am honored to share this journey with you and confident it will change your life. Come and join me in this profound journey of discovery and empowerment. I can't wait to see who you will become when you are no longer limited by the pain, dysfunction, and confusion that's been holding you back. 

Learn to reclaim optimal function, freedom, and renewal with
Bi-Monthly Saturday Retreats

2024 Dates: June 8th, Aug 10th, Oct 12th, Dec 14th

2025 Dates: Feb 10th, April 13th.

Saturday  10:30 am - 3:30 pm $150.00 for drop in class. 6 retreat series for $750.00.

In the bi-monthly retreats we dive deeper into topics learned in class over the past few months.

Retreats will be held in Gainesville, Florida, with location TBA.
All classes are held online and recorded for later participation if the LIVE class is not doable.
$25 per drop in class. Pay monthly for $80.00 (4 Classes).
Pay the year in advance for $850.00 and save $350.00.
52 classes with access to the online portal  
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