I came to Adrienne a hot mess while trying to open my business fleeing a toxic work and home environment and raising three young kids.  Seriously, I was a spastic hot mess!  She got me quickly centered enough to function in my life and over time, I feel so much more balance.  I have been seeing her every 1-2 weeks for two years.  I was calm enough to survive early on but I wanted to really address unhealthy patterns I had learned in my childhood that I did NOT want to pass to my daughters. I want them to be healthier than me in every way.  So I have started having my daughters see her over the summer months.  They didn't want to at first but then they too started responding better to situations they faced. She helped them so much with trusting their boundaries and intuition that they started enjoying the sessions.  They got it. I am thankful to have her as a resource prior to teen years to help us build a good foundation and open line of communication.  My oldest has shifted friends to a healthier group of friends and away from the drama and chaotic friends she had before.  I attribute that to better boundaries and self love. Thanks Adrienne for helping me shift so much in my family. Thanks for also helping find that spiritual connection amidst all this crazy world we live in.

Dr. Cammy Benton
Benton Integrative Medicine

I was referred to Adrienne by two different people after they watched me suffer long-term physical pain in multiple areas. I was frustrated with conventional medicine. So many doctors had no answers other than their Auto Immune blame game. Even the all too numerous alternative practitioners that I sought out offered me no hope, a few going so far as to say I was out of their area of expertise.

I have been seeing Adrienne weekly for a few years and she has restored hope in my ability to know my body will heal. Having Adrienne guide me through this difficult time has made it possible for me to relax my central nervous system. Adrienne's knowledge of the physical body combined with her intuition about the energetic body makes for deeper, insightful and longer lasting treatments.
Adrienne's work is like none I have ever experienced. It's different every week. She has an innate sense of what I need when I walk through her door. Adrienne is a gifted therapist. She combines, massage, mental, physical, somatic and energy sessions into one profound treatment that leaves me in a profoundly better state.

Adrienne gives me homework and exercise to practice on my own during the week. This work (play) makes her guidance even that much more deeper as I am witness to on-going changes and improvements in both physical and mental systems. I love Adrienne and her work I recommend her 0ne-thousand percent!!

Gail Soucy
The BioMat Company

It's beyond words. The InBodyMeant trainings bring to balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of ourselves so powerfully, yet so gently. These processes are truly transformative. I see changes in my life patterns, including; marriage, children, work, to-do's and daily scheduling. I also feel better able to stay present in my body and stay connected while both processing pain, and sensing joy. My perspectives about  life have also evolved in regards to how I view receiving abundance, how I view my strengths and boundaries, and how I align to my life purpose. I feel the urge to share with others how amazing this work is, so others may enjoy this same enlightenment in their mind, body, and spirit.

Dr. Ressa Donnelly
Psychologist - Clinical
Gainesville, Fl

These trainings are a necessity for any therapist (massage therapist, physical therapist, psychologist, Dr. ,personal trainer, or athlete) that is, if you would like to show up in an aligned state for your clients, family, or passion. These practices and trainings help you to support your whole mind, body, and spirit. You learn how to work with and integrate all systems including; circulatory, sensory, respiratory, lymphatic, biochemical, energetic, and behavioral. One whole body and person, connected! These practices fill in the blanks between everything you have learned and allow you to reach new levels of understating about yourself and how you are designed to live happily in this world. I am very thankful to have taken these classes.


Renate Du' Plessis, LMT
Rehabilitative Massage Therapist, and Experienced Wellness Chef

As a longtime nurse and now massage therapist, I have taken many trainings. The majority of them helped my in one way or another. Taking Adrienne's InBodyMeant trainings, has been a breath taking journey and has become a game changer for my body work practice. I have tremendous respect for Adrienne's commitment to this work and I love her authenticity as a teacher. She has provided training and support as I learn to better relate to my own nervous system, as well as how I relate to others. These practices have truly empowered me.

Anna Rahman, LMT
One Solid Core

Adrienne partnered with Hard Rock Corporate by becoming a participant at our annual Corporate Headquarters Health Fair. She held 30-min. sessions explaining what her trainings are all about. She provided insight on how our bodies experience stress and anxiety are related to our over-all health and well being.
What next... These sessions sparked interest by many. So we decided to utilize our corporate office facility to host her seminars on-site prior to the workday. Her sessions made you walk away feeling more knowledgeable about how to relate to your stress, with simple things you could incorporate into your everyday life style.
Added benefit... Adrienne is not only a great teacher, but a caring person which is displayed in each of her sessions. Additionally the Hard Rock staff that attended her sessions experienced a common bond of knowledge that is still shared. It's like we all learned a new language and an empowered way of viewing ourselves and our workplace. Sort of like having peer-coaches who are able to remind each other of how to relate to and cope with our stress, when times get tough.
Now it has been several months since Adrienne's trainings and I can honestly say that I have at least 4 things I have incorporated in my daily life that make me feel better.... life is good, why not make it great. Thank you Adrienne for all of your expertise, passion, and trainings. We are looking forward to more words and wisdom from you!

Kim Creighton, Vice President of Human Resources
Hard Rock International

The InBodyMeant trainings have allowed me to open up in ways I never knew were holding me in a "stuck" state. Instead of being paralyzed by, or the opposite, running from my pain, this process is allowing me to safely nurture and feel that pain, so I can move ahead feeling like a more complete and integrated person. I feel renewed, rejuvenated, and more balanced so that I can show up in my world, whether it's in my personal life with my family, or in my professional world. This training is helping me to be present and open in all aspects of my life. It is helping me to navigate the ways I had been blocked for so long. I am now moving ahead in more gentleness and love. It is a very special experience and I am wiser for it. The InBodyMeant practices are truly a blessing.

Cristina Cabezas Eury, LMT
Salina Harmonizing Bodywork

I have been in the fitness and spa manager at Isleworth for 3 years and have been in this industry for 8 total years. I met Adrienne through a mutual client and scheduled an appointment with her for help with some issues I was experiencing due to being a marathon runner. In addition to her knowledge and expertise she exhibited upon meeting her, I was also very impressed with how she was able to help me eliminate a chronic problem I had in the arch of my foot, which since has never had another problem. I have since referred several clients with various conditions such as; rotator cuff and otheoarthritis in the shoulder, scoliosis, foot and arch pain, and gluteal and hamstring muscle issues to her.  Due to her experienced knowledge of the anatomy and biomechanics of the body, Adrienne can often trace the source of the problem, which is not often obvious, and begin to relieve pain and discomfort for the person almost immediately. Adrienne gives her client's specific stretches or exercises at each session so they can continue to strengthen their range of motion and stability of the impacted areas. She also educates each person on their unique circumstance so they leave more empowered. All of the clients I have recommended from Isleworth Country Club, have been extremely impressed with Adrienne and the treatment she offered them. Adrienne has a strong understanding of the biomechanics used in various sports and has worked with both male and female PGA golfers, tennis players, and long distance runners. She also has worked extensively in post surgical cases, and offers very gentle and effective approaches to reclaiming optimal health and strength. As a personal trainer, I feel confidant that any client I send to her will learn how to increase the quality of their life through the knowledge she passes along to them, and continued care she provides; therefore, I will gladly continue to refer clients to her in the future.


Melissa Hummel

Isleworth Country Club, Windermere, Fl
Fitness and Spa Manager