About Adrienne

Adrienne Engel began her journey began as a Medical Massage Therapist over 25 years ago, specializing in the rehabilitation and body system healing and support. Adrienne’s success with common cases includes: 

  • chronic pain
  • migraines
  • Fibromyalgia
  • cancer support
  • auto-immune system rehabilitation
  • post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • support and rehabilitation of the parasympathetic system
  • neurological rehabilitation from Parkinson's, MS, stroke, and aneurysms
  • post-surgical rehabilitation, including core body surgeries such as open-heart, lung, colon, pelvic, and cancer reconstruction

In addition to the medical focus, Adrienne also studied biomechanics, the science of functional movement, and worked with many professional golfers, supporting their healing and performance.

After the first eight years in practice, Adrienne discovered four major zones in the body that either support or hinder optimal performance and health;

(1) Jaw and occipital
(2) Collar bones and shoulder blades 
(3) Diaphragm 
(4) Pelvis

Our body systems rely on these physical intersections to restore optimal circulation and functioning. She developed the InBodyMeant© Method, which teaches participants to integrate tension in those zones to support and restore optimal flow.  

It’s the next step that makes Adrienne’s treatment unique. After optimizing the four zones, patients awaken deep emotional and spiritual pathways in the body and mind, allowing them to access their purpose and take brave steps to achieve it.

Adrienne then spent the next 13 years studying the gentle integration of the emotional, spiritual, physical, and behavioral systems. She discovered the sacred and transformative voice of the body in these areas where each of us hold tension that impacts our health. The next part of her journey led her deeper into learning how to teach people how to listen and establish a relationship with their whole self.

From 2014 - 2019, she became a Somatic Experiencing practitioner, through Dr. Peter Levine's training. She explored the interplay between brain function, behavior, and the body, learning how the body communicates through sensation.

In 2015 Adrienne had a transformative awakening when the Living Jesus Christ revealed himself during a near-death experience in a drowning event. She was invited to teach a daily practice, that has now evolved into the (In)Bodied Participation Classes©, where individuals learn to connect with the Divine presence and bring forth the stress, pain, and trauma they are carrying while experiencing love and renewal. Here, she began teaching how to recognize and receive God’s living presence and bring internally held areas of tension to rest into it. Finally, her life journey made sense. Jesus Christ revealed an eight step embodied participation practice, and that is how the (In) Christ Practices© taught today were born.  

Adrienne works with individuals online and in person, as well as offering Restorative Retreats.

She is a mother, dog owner, gardener, wood worker, and  a Reverend and advocate for the Living Jesus Christ. She supports people in understanding the role their bodies play in establishing a deep relationship with the mystery of our Triune Christ to which we are all connected.