Work with Adrienne

InBodyMeant Massage Sessions

During in-person sessions, I assess your most chronic muscular restrictions  and use a combination of myofascial release, stretching, cranial-sacral work, somatic experiencing integration, and movement to help you experience a state of rest, integration, and renewal.  

InBodyMeant Somatic Integration Sessions

Online or over the phone sessions include an assessment of the current challenges you are facing and integrative support and tools to empower you to experience fresh outcomes. 

Not sure if InBodyMeant© is right for you? Text 352-222-0236 to schedule a consultation call to share your goals and challenges; I will answer questions and explain how I can support you.  


Hourly Rate: $125.00 

Hour and Half: $187.50 
* I accept all major credit cards, but I do not take insurance.


Packages are available 

 5 – 1 hour sessions for $550.00

 5 – 1.5 hour sessions are $825.00




One Hour Somatic and Integrative Massage

In a one hour session you can receive a general full body relaxation session or address a specific concern of issue .