Helpful Resources

This site is dedicated to deepening your journey with our Living Jesus who modeled for us how to InBody the Mystery and Love of Our Triune Christ. Below are some very helpful resources that have supported and strengthened my journey. I highly recommend them, and hope that they will support your journey as well.  Enjoy.


1. The Chosen Series - A remarkable series that brings into our current day the truth of Jesus Christ's Love and humanity, and brings to life, the stories and individuals who helped him bring this message of Christ's Love, Truth, Redemption for all humanity, to the world.  

Get the app - Make your life easier and fully enjoy this series without interruption.

On You Tube - You can watch on You Tube, but will suffer through the adds. I was lazy at first and did not down load the app. After 2 episodes I got the app and have never turned back.


2. The Joy FM - 91.7 in Gainesville, Fl. I listen to these guys every day. Wonderful music and mission. Spread the Joy of Christ's Love.

Radio station 

3. Tim Mackie and The Bible Project - I love, love, love this team! Accessible bible stories that get you excited, and make clear Jesus's message to move into relationship with our living God. Tim and team, Thank You will never cover it all.

 Tim Mackie Archives - a collection on You Tube of his great sermons.

The Bible Project - a break down into easily digestible format each of the books in the bible.


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