Foundational Movements

Hello and welcome!  My name is Adrienne Engel.  I will be your guide as you establish a foundation of embodied connection.   

Each of these exercises helps you to gently re-establish a conscious connection to your body, and it's sensory messages. As you use the
Ag-el™ (agile) technique taught here, you'll be slowing down the pace of your motion, while directing the expansion and contraction movement of your breathing deep into the areas of held tension in your body. Think of it as an internal micro-massage.  This combination of gentle movement and directed breathing effectively re-connects you with chronically held tension so that you can gently begin to move, heal, and reintegrate your whole being. Your muscles are meant to move with ease.   

When done slowly, and within your comfort zone, you will dramatically increase the flow of all your major circulatory networks.  Less is more. Pick one or two motions a day that directly relates to where your body has worked hard. Combine these movements with the other InBodyMeant processes like the Rest and Awareness Practices,  and you will experience a momentum of integration and a more profound sense of inner peace.

Let's get started!


Sample Exercise

Power Zone One:

Neck- Forward Bend

Neck - Chin To Collarbone

Ear to Shoulder

Neck - Side to Side

Neck - Stretch Between Shoulders

Neck up and Back

Power Zone Two:

Arms Straight Back

Arms Diagonal Back

Arms Straight Over Head

Hand - Open and Close Palm

Arms and Back of Shoulder

Power Zone Three

Trunk - Side to Side

Trunk Diagonal Forward

Trunk Straight Forward

Trunk - Bending Twist

Trunk - Spinal Rotation

Trunk - Upper Body Butterfly

Power Zone Four

Legs - Front of Hip

Legs - Inner Thigh

Legs Back Of Hip

Legs Outer Hip

Knee Reactivation

Feet Point and Flex

Ending credits

One Hour Somatic and Integrative Massage

In a one hour session you can receive a general full body relaxation session or address a specific concern of issue .