Divine Intimacy Practice

The Divine Intimacy Practice is the second training Jesus invites you to learn. It builds a more in-depth and broader capacity for conscious and InBodied awareness.

It is the blueprint of how experiences are Divinely  InBodied. Jesus says this understanding and physical capacity is imperative to be in an effective and evolving relationship with yourself, the Divine Trinity, and the rest of the world.

This practice explains very clearly the levels of experiences and where they are meant to occur within your system. What to expect them to feel like, and how to relate to them with the power and mystery of Christ's active and connected love.

Relating to your life experiences and circumstances from a Divinely InBodied position is what allows you to begin Co-resurrecting the chronic stress, suffering, confusion, and fear, that keeps you separated from God's rest, renewal, protection, and love.

The Divine Intimacy Practice is the second part of the Daily Co-resurrection practice. It helps you begin to relate to what experiences are happening in your life and body and shift into a responsive relationship, rather than a reactive one.


You can purchase  an overview and training of the Divine Intimacy practice here.

One Hour Somatic and Integrative Massage

In a one hour session you can receive a general full body relaxation session or address a specific concern of issue .