Always Held Practice

Jesus invites you to learn the Always Held Practice First. In this practice, Jesus teaches you to; 


  1. Recognize God alive in everything around you, supporting you, and intimately providing for you. 
  2. Physically rest your full body, brain, and heart into God's living support and provision.
  3. Experience Jesus’s living presence with you and lean into his companionship and guidance.
  4. Internally receive the power, protection, and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. 
  5. Integrate the mystery of Christ so you will know rest and renewal.


Always Held practice is the foundation of your relationship with Jesus. Jesus says he is here to walk you through the steps and pacing necessary to connect with God, and the Holy Spirit, so that you can InBody The Christ Mystery the way that he did. He is here to lead us home.

The Always Held practice skills are the first part of the Daily Co-Resurrection Practice. 

You can purchase the introductory guided audios at this link.

One Hour Somatic and Integrative Massage

In a one hour session you can receive a general full body relaxation session or address a specific concern of issue .