The Co-Resurrection Practice

The Divinely (In)Bodied Co-Resurrection Practice is a relational prayer practice that invites you to deepen your personal relationship with the Mystery of our Triune Christ. Jesus guides you through the steps to participate in Co-resurrecting the suffering and limitation you experience within yourself and this world. In prayer practice, Jesus connects you to the power of the Divine Trinity to experience the daily renewal of your body, mind, and life circumstance.

The practice is held Weekdays from 9-10:00 am EST, online. You can participate as your schedule allows. Each day offers new teaching to support your brain and body in learning intricate skills that strengthen your perspective and practice.

Monthly membership is $50.00. When you are a member, you'll also have access to the replay page. Daily Classes are available in replay for 48 hours.

This is an interactive class. You can anonymously type questions into the box and Adrienne will be able to weave answers into the end of class. You are also welcome to just be with us, without commenting.

With this membership, you will receive 2 access links, one to register for the daily classes. Once you are registered you will receive the daily live access links sent to your email. You will also get a PDF with the link to the replay page. This allows you to easily catch up on the daily class when your schedule permits.

In practice you experience;

- God’s living support all around you
- The power and protection of the Holy Spirit
- Deep rest and renewal of your mind, body, and spirit
- An intimate walk with Jesus through the challenges of your life
- Your divine purpose revealed in every mysterious step.

Class is lead by Adrienne Engel. She has been participating with Jesus Christ daily, since 2014, through teaching these classes and relaying his message of love, and yearning for an individual relationship with you. He says clearly that we are and always have been HELD IN CHRIST LOVE. These practices support you in making that your lived experience.

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You can cancel your membership at anytime.

One Hour Somatic and Integrative Massage

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