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I am thankful that Jesus's Divine InBodyMeant messages and offerings have added benefit to your life. I hope to meet you soon, and hear of how these practices have touched you.

Thank you so much for considering to support the Divine InBodyMeant Ministry. Jesus has invited me to rebuild a home and it's property into what he refers to as the "Cottage Of Eden." This has been a journey unfolding since April of 2018. 

This has included working one-to-one with the local homeless, rebuilding the interior of the home to hold retreats, offering the daily on-line classes, planting an "Eden-experience" that surrounds the outside of this home, where neighbors and participants can come and be in Christ's sacred space, all of the above done under his direction of extreme slowness, and what i like to call "Christ's courage invitations". (see blog for stories if you are drawn)

All of the support you offer here, helps me to continue the work he is inviting me to do. It is my hope that what I am allowing to occur through me, blesses and unifies our Universal Body of Christ. Jesus's message of co-resurrecting the suffering and limitation within ourselves and this world is paramount. I dedicate my life to allowing Christ's truth and love to lead me into the unknown and broken places, so that Christ's mystery can continually be revealed through me.

Below are the ways other participants have been drawn to support this mission:

1. Direct funds can be offered by clicking here

or mailed to *

2. Adrienne Engel

   4530 NW 31st Ave, Gainesville, Fl 32606

3. InBodyMeant Amazon Wish List

4. Gift cards to the Home Depot

5. Gift cards to The Greenhouse Nursery

I thank you in advance for being a part of supporting our collective Body of Christ.

~ Everything in the name of Jesus Christ,

  Adrienne Engel, Messenger of The Living Jesus Christ


* Jesus has asked that I run this business as a for profit S-Corporation, and pay taxes on what is given, in order to fully support the county and country that I live in.