Thank you for visiting this page and reaching out to support these beautiful practices. Your contribution helps me to continue the work Jesus is inviting me to do. I dedicate my life to assisting Jesus in spreading The profound news of the second coming and holding space for the prayer practices he has provided us so that we can move into relationship with Christ and participate in the Co-resurrection of the suffering and limitation within ourselves and this world. I hope these practices and your relationship with Christ has blessed your life in the same way it blesses mine.


Contributing here is one form of outpouring. We are invited to be outpouring in every corner of our lives. How you do one thing, is how you do it everywhere. Jesus would like to be an active part of your decision making. There are a few things Jesus would like to request when contributing to this body of work.


1. First, that you take this to him, and allow him to lead you about the amount to contribute. Jesus wants this to be a conscious offering.

2. That you notice how it feels for you to contribute and bring to him all that is awakened. The act of giving is a tool that is used to refine us. Only through noticing what is really going on inside can you allow yourself to grow and be filled by giving.


Below are the ways participants contribute to this Body Of Work


1. Direct funds can be offered by clicking here

or mailed to *

2. Adrienne Engel

  4530 NW 31st Ave, Gainesville, Fl 32606


~ May We Stand Unified In Christ Love, 

 Adrienne Engel, Messenger of The Living Jesus Christ


* Jesus has asked that I run this business as a for-profit S-Corporation, and pay taxes on everything I take in to support the county and country where I live. Contributions here will not be tax deductible.