My Octopus Teacher - An InBodyMeant, Media as Medicine Special

Here we go with another soul-expanding film. Thank you, to Craig Foster and the Little Octopus, for investing your lives to reveal the power alive in nature, waiting to ignite life into each of us, if we slow down enough to participate.

This film reveals the consciousness alive in everything that Jesus is inviting us to become aware of.

The relationship between Craig and the octopus came alive when Craig committed to investing his time daily to show up for the life of this octopus. This film documents him following her through many challenges while experiencing her innate intelligence revealed in her capacity to creatively protect herself, while also enjoying making connections with Craig, and other ocean creatures.

He describes how watching her move through her world and intimately connect, somehow taught him how to begin doing the same.

Jesus invites us to recognize the consciousness alive in ALL animals and plant life. To slow down enough to make a connection. And make space in our lives to be more deeply connected with the love and consciousnesses that is waiting for us now.

Running time 85 minutes.
Can be found on Netflix.

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