Jesus says gently,” My blood is your blood.” - 0004

In today's InBodied Bible study, Jesus walks us deeper into the mystery of his blood offered for us as a relational model to follow. He says," My blood and the role that it plays in resurrecting the suffering on Earth, was revealing to you a blueprint of your own blood's capacity when living in unity with Christ. The strength to embrace suffering as it is alive within you and this world, will not be your own. It will be done through you continually inviting Christ to come alive within you.  Ephesians 1: 7-10

Jesus also refers Dr. Candace B Pert’s research with the Molecules of Emotion. Giving us insight on how to begin our relationship with radically welcoming everything in, by tracking what it feels like when intense emotions are present. The intensity you feel are literal biochemicals that you can learn to respond to by actively connecting with using the Christ somatics of gentle breath, intention, and hands-on-the-experience to create a safe internal space for your divine experience to unfold, all in the companionship and guidance of Jesus Christ, who is with you right now and always.

Today's featured song is O Come To The Altar | Official Lyric Video |
Elevation Worship 5.49 sec. Very powerful, as he is calling us all home right now.

Jesus ends with a reminder to become accountable for what you are seeing and judging and bring it to him, instead of spreading judgements and separation into the world. It is not our place to do so. 

In Christ, we are one; whether we realize that or not, it is our Divine truth. I am aspiring to live in that space more consistently.

Love ~ Adrienne Engel, A messenger of the Living Jesus Christ


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