How Does Jesus Present To You?

Jesus tells us that we are in the era of the Second Coming Of Christ. He defines the "Second Coming" as each of us coming into a personal relationship with the mystery of our Triune Christ. I have been on this journey and actively holding daily prayer practices to help individuals establish their personal connections with this profound Mystery of Our Living Christ. During this journey, I've been astonished at how perfectly and tenderly Jesus presents to each person, or you could say how each person uniquely experiences Christ's presence.   

Jesus is inviting each of us to come closer and heal how we are living separately from Christ. To do that, we begin right where we are. Jesus says that one of the challenges we face is grappling with the "celebrity image of Jesus", vs actually starting a personal relationship. For most, when they sit down and begin,  It's not the celebrity image of a white male Jesus in robes that they experience. It's more a living feeling of profound love and care and less of a direct image.
It makes sense too; as Jesus was God alive in human form, and is now one with God. If God includes all things and uses all things to connect with us, so does Jesus use all forms to communicate to us in a way we can receive it.

Here are some of the varying examples from participants who begin their journey;

Some participants experience Jesus as a light.

Some as a presence of warmth, or a gentle rhythm.

Some participants experience Jesus as a word or a feeling.  

Some personally experience Jesus with prominent masculine qualities in a  form standing with them and leading them towards love and unity.
While others connect to Jesus and describe experiencing the feminine aspects more prominent, as they are tenderly held in this living mystery of love.

Let's remember that Jesus is the harmony of all of the qualities that we possess. Male, female, and all combinations of the two. When I look into Jesus's eyes, I see the profound culmination our ALL of our eyes looking back to me. This mystery of Christ love and presence is far beyond anything that I will ever fully grasp, but I know for sure that Christ's intention is for us to love and respect the uniqueness within ourselves and one another.   

I am in awe of the unique and precise presentation. Over the past five years of holding these practices, I have never had two participants experience Jesus the same! Think of that. Never two the same. Yet all when connected, are invited to begin a journey of radical love and care for themselves and others.

Jesus says," Your relationship with our Triune Christ,  is your birthright!" Jesus is waiting right here for all of us. Jesus wants to guide us and hold us, and lead us home to a living and loving God. Jesus meets you right where you are. Presenting to you in a form that ensures you feel safe and held.  Imagine the wisdom and consciousness behind that.

How do you experience Jesus? If you are interested in beginning or deepening your personal relationship and would like to jump in, feel free to check out one of the Divine InBodyMeant Prayer Practices today.

Concept excerpt from this training:

Always Held In Christ - Basics Practice 4 Part Series supports your personal relationship with the Mystery of Our Living Triune Christ.