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Learn To Use the Power of Your Tension So You Can:

Heal Your Body, Evoke Mental Clarity, and Connect More Deeply With What Matters Most To You.

In this introductory InBodyMeant webinar, you will learn how misunderstanding the power and purpose of your tension, is what leads to disease and dysfunction in the body, limiting beliefs in your brain, and disconnection in the relationships that matter most to you.  You will learn how you have held tension in your brain, body, and behaviors due to this mis-understanding. This will be your map of transformation. By completing this webinar you will walk away with an individual map of where you can begin with the InBodyMeant process. If you feel drawn to learning more fill your info in the box below. The length of the webinar training is 1.5 hours long. Feel free to take your time, as you will have the ability to stop and re-start where you left off throughout.