InBodyMeant™ Practitioner Certification Private Session Hours

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In order to complete the InBodyMeant™ Practitioner Certification, you will need to receive Ten, 2-HourPrivate Sessions with Adrienne Olson. Session packages are 2,000.00 when paid up front, and $250.00 per 2-hour session when you pay-as-you-go. When you buy a package, your hour rates are locked in * Session rates will increase to $175.00 per hour after September 2016. The InBodyMeant™ work is about becoming the space for healing, and transformation. You need to become that space before you can guide others as a practitioner. 20-hours is the minimum required, to become certified. However, the more time you invest into this work, and yourself, the more you will get out. *There is a 2 package limit for each practitioner at this rate. *You must be in the practitioner training program to purchase these packages.

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