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Look below for more info on the certification criteria.

InBodyMeant Level One: Get In

Complete all four of the InBodyMeant™ Power Zone Trainings. Click Links below for more info on each training. 

  • Purchase a Rapid Release tool, and demonstrate InBodyMeant™ proficiency fundamentals.

InBodyMeant Level Two: Up Root

Locate and complete the stuck aspects you've been carrying all along.  

  • Receive Ten, 2-Hour Private Sessions with Adrienne Olson.

InBodyMeant™ Practitioner Certification Criteria 2015-2016

  • Provide a practicum 2-hour private session on Adrienne, in your office. (fee is Adrienne's current going rate)
  • Complete 4 rounds of the Live - InPowerMeant™ Training. And participate in each of the live Q and A rounds, bringing either a question regarding the lesson of the week, or a comment on how that lesson has been successfully applied to your life experience.
  • Write and submit your transformation essay, describing the changes that occurred throughout your InBodyMeant™ Training Journey.