The InPowerMeant™ 6-Week Virtual Threshold Training will show you how to move yourself out of stuck-ness and into a place of power. You will first learn how to orient to your tension, stress, and suffering from a perspective of partnership – and discover a hidden path and fuel for transformation and renewal.

Before you can begin that training, you'll need to understand the purpose of  your tension, pain, stress, and states of suffering. First, you'll want to take the complimentary introduction webinar and get your map of efficient transformation.

The InBodyMeant™ Integration Training teaches you to re-sensitize and integrate the imbalances in your physical body. You’ll learn to structurally unlock your Four Internal Power Zones. These gatekeeper zones support your innate, yet most times unrealized, state of Super~Flow.  You’ll also learn to use the motion of your bones to massage your body from the inside out.

The InLightMeant™Techniques of Becoming takes you even deeper, giving you skills to cultivate a consistent state of Super~Flow. These techniques guide you in transforming your body into the vessel that fulfills your life purpose. You’ll learn how to immediately re-center yourself as you need to. You will be able to connect more deeply with the source, god, or life force of your understanding. You will become sensitive to the places in your body that have been recalibrated and learn to fully receive the abundance of energy that provides. You’ll also recognize where you still carry resistance. You will be able to actively work with the resistance to transform its energy into a powerful fuel for deeper growth, connections, abundance, and purpose.