What Exactly Does the InPowerMeant™ Training Do?

Teaches you to track and partner with the healing power of your nervous system, so that you can master the transformation of physical tension, mental anxiety, and relational conflict. Once you've mastered that, you will then learn how to condition a profound receptivity to physical freedom and vitality, mental peace and clarity, and deeper connection to the grace within, and in others.

Experience how your stress is Meant to be metabolized with the InPowerMeant™ Sensory Agility Skills™ .

Week One: Infinite Flow

You'll learn the fundamental flows of negative and positive experience.  You'll gain essential insight how into how your brain, body, and life experience are designed to move through challenges without harboring or escalating into chronic stress patterns that work against you.

Week Two: Resilient Flow

In this week you'll discover the innate healing and restorative power that is meant to flow through your brain, body, and life experiences. It's this powerful flow, that drives your Parasympathetic response of relaxation, restoration, and reconnection.  You'll learn how to track it, and unleash this power within you.

Week Three: Permission to Emerge

The familiar pain and blockages you've carried, with this week's perspective and skill-set, now have the opportunity to begin to transform. You'll begin to shift the chronic ways you have judged yourself and your behaviors. This week's lessons provides a deeper understanding of the "why" we all get stuck, and offers you the simple tools to unpack and transform the limiting power of self judgement. A sense of profound freedom grows out of this week.

Week Four: Unleash Your Power House-ness

This section teaches you the biomechanics and physiology of flow. You'll see how your cardiovascular system is built for the transformation of what is no longer working. You will learn more specifics about the 4-zones in your body that will unleash your resiliency at a much deeper level.  You'll be able to see why you are not meant to carry states of suffering for extended periods of time, and you'll have the tools to stop doing that now.

Week Five: Profound Contentment

In this section you'll learn the amazing power of self-touch and connection. Learn learn to track weather or not you are receiving the healing that awaits you. You'll learn the tools to maximize your receptivity.

Week Six: Easily On Track

In this section you will begin to exercise your complete power of partnership. You will learn to hear InSight and take action on the steps you need to live out your purpose. This section gives you the tools to remain connected to the guidance from Source, instead of from self. Here is where you truly begin to soar. You will also learn InPowered Boundary Setting, so that your external world also begins to transform.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Started?

Who Is This For?

The InPowerMeant™ Training is for individuals who want to learn how to master the transformation of tension in their bodies, anxiety in their minds, and conflict in their relationships.

Like many other wellness activists, I began my health career with a mindset of learning how to release, get rid of and/or block out tension, and stress. But over my career I have realized that tension and stress contain a sacred and hidden power. Stress in your brain, body, and life are actually THE critical components to the strengthening and shaping of you, and your potential. This training helps you understand how tension is designed to flow through you. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to walk into the deepest valleys with grace and peace, unscathed. As You'll learn to use stuck tension, anxiety, and conflict to your advantage. It’s your most valuable health resource and unrecognized ally.

This training InPowers you to become your best, so you can offer the best of yourself, back to the world.

2 Success Stories from InPowerMeant™ Training Students

How Can This Help You?

If you feel like you are tired of your physical body getting stuck in chronic disease or dysfunction, your mind always returning to the same limiting beliefs and getting stuck in stress and anxiety, or your relationships having the same old chronic conflicts and stories, and are willing to invest time and money into a practice that can set you free, this training is for you. Without a powerful skill set based on your anatomy, physiology, and neurophysiology, you will be working against a very powerful design.  Without the understanding of how tension flows, you'll become trapped by your stress and tension instead of using it to free yourself. Adrienne has spent the last 20 plus years applying these 6 Powers in both her professional and personal life.

She has used these 6 Sensory Agility Skills to access her gifts and build a unique successful business that InPowers others.  Over the past 20 plus years she has helped thousands of clients physically unleash this innate internal healing capacity,  and transform their lives.

Why Join?

Being a part of this community helps to support your InPowerMeant™ Process and makes your transformation enjoyable.

There will be others walking this journey with you. You'll be able to connect with them in the Private Facebook Group. You can also ask questions there regarding the training that Adrienne  will answer in the feed.  The lessons are pre-recorded for your on-demand learning. There are also recorded group Q and A sessions that will help answer any lingering questions.

Once paid in full you will have lifetime access to the lessons and can revisit when you feel you need it.

This program is set up to support you in accessing the power behind your mental, physical, and life tension, by showing you a new way of interacting with it. Once you've completed the InPowerMeant™ Training, you will have the foundation of practice for tapping into the way tension that has been holding you back.

Who is Adrienne Olson?

I'm highly passionate about life, and the potential we all carry to change our lives and gracefully impact the lives of those we encounter. I say it like I feel it.  I am a wife, and a mom, wellness practitioner, and coach.

I am obsessed with the role Tension is "Meant" to play in our lives.  I am angered by the way the tension and stress is misinterpreted to be a negative, and harmful element.  In fact, I have discovered, the opposite is true! You are amazingly designed to absorb and metabolize tension, and pain. And, In doing so, it shapes and prepares you to live a full and vibrant life of freedom, depth, and connection.

I have walked though many challenges, just like all of us living have.

But the one thing that has allowed me to access a deeper state of grace, ease, and joy is my ability to use my InPowerMeant skills for healing, navigation, and connection.

This perspective is not common, but it has transformed my life, and the lives of those I touch. I am committed to it, and to you! Here are a few other ways this work has changed me;

  • I have a framework of awareness that helps me be more present for myself, my family, friends, and clients.
  • I have tools that have supported my in healing completely from devastating emotional and physical injuries.
  • I use a simple process to clearly communicate my needs in a way that honors both myself and those around me, allowing me to live in a flow and grace, where I am receptive to the abundance that is around me.
  • I continually gain a deeper understanding and compassion for the ways I get in my own way, mentally, physically, and relationally. I am so appreciative for the simple science, perspectives, and tools offered in this work.  I love that I can use them over and over again to gracefully, repair and reconnect to the ever-changing ways that I am human.

What Type of Members Are On The Inside?

Inside the membership, you will meet others who are on a path of accessing their best. All are learning and open to the way tension has the potential to change their lives. You will be welcomed into an introspective group who are working on themselves and excited to support YOU,  in doing the same.

Will All My Physical, Mental, and Life Experience Tension Just Go Away By Joining?

You don't want your tension to go away. It is one of the most profound sources of fuel for awareness and transformation you have. As you learn and apply the InPowerMeant perspectives and techniques, your tension will begin to flow into you the way it was "Meant" to, so that it can prepare you to live your purpose.

Can I get my money back if I decide I do not want to be InPowered™?

There is a 14-day money back guarantee, minus transaction fees. If for any reason you feel this is not a good fit for you, contact me for a refund.

Total InPowerMeant™ Value

  • 6-pre-recorded training sessions, with corresponding worksheets
  • 7- Q and A calls
  • Access to the private Facebook group where you will connect with others on their Journey of InPowerMeant™.
  • Get the full Ag-el™ body movement training that Adrienne developed to help her clients speed and support their healing capacities.
  • Lifetime access to the membership site and content.
  • Bonus Live 7-week run through, every February and September, where you can ask your questions live to Adrienne.

Bonus Live Training Schedule for February-March 2017

The InPowerMeant Training is a continuous on-line course, where the content can be accessed at anytime online for your on-demand learning.  The seven main lessons are offered in a live webinar format, two times per year. Usually in February and September.  During each 7-week period, you can ask questions by email, if you are unable to attend live, or directly to Adrienne during the live webinar. Once purchased you have lifetime access to the content of the course and access to each of the live webinars when they are held. It is highly recommended to repeat the course 2 times per year to sharpen and more deeply condition your capacity of InPowerMeant.

If you feel further support would benefit your learning, Adrienne is always available to schedule private sessions on Skpye or in person.

Here are scheduled dates with session agendas for each week:

Feb 17th @ 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm. Introduction Week - You'll begin the training, by using your map of transformation from the webinar, to design your aligned approach for the next seven weeks.  I'll be guiding you through a simple grounding exercise that will make it easier for you to absorb and perform the upcoming InPowerMeant skills you'll be learning.  We will go over the main sensory agility skills of the InPowerMeant program and answer any questions you have.

Feb 24th from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.  Week One - InPowered Presence. In this week we will be jumping right into the capacity to transform where you are stuck. You will learn the essential flows of negative and positive experience and how to access the restorative and healing power of both states.  You will gain a foundational understanding of your nervous system and it's influence in your mind, your body and your life experience. You be given the tracking tools needed to support the amazing way you are designed to be InPowered.

March 3rd from 1:30-2:30 pm.  Week Two - InPowered Resilience. This week is so much fun. You will learn the language of your nervous system and how to decode the information it sends to you. You'll learn the awareness and allowing skills to allow your system to guide you towards the healing that has been awaiting you.

March 10th from 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm. Week Three - InPowered Permission. In this week you'll be amazed as I show you why everything you think you are doing wrong, or have done wrong, or the ways you think you are broken, are merely states of stuck-ness, a few moments before your transformation into resilience.  I'll be showing you how to pick it up in the stuck-ness, and give you the tools to usher yourself into resilience.

March 17th from 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm.  Week Four - InPowered Processing - You are more dynamically designed than you realize. In this week you will be delving deeper into the simple design of your cardiovascular, lymphatic, biochemical, and neurological systems and seeing more clearly how they are synergistically designed to transform and heal even the most traumatic injuries, chronic imbalances. You are a Power-House of processing. Let me show you why. You will never again doubt your ability.

March 24th from 1:30 - 2:30 pm.  Week Five -InPowered Receptivity - All the previous lessons are amazing and great, but that does not mean that you will be able to receive it all. Here is where many people get stuck. In their limited capacity to receive. I'll be sharing with you the neurological secrets why this is true, and giving you the solutions to that very common blockage. In this week you will learn how to transform tension, anxieties, and conflict in the moment, and in a way that truly shifts your entire being.

March 31st from 1:30 - 2:30 pm.  Week Six - InPowered Action and Grace - In this final week you will be learning the secret to making tangible change in your brain, body and life. Each of these week's builds on the power of the previous skills, and this final week, seals the deal, providing you a solid ground for the ever-evolving transformations ahead.

* A kind reminder. At this point you will have completed the InPowerMeant Training. To gain the  maximum benefits, this program is designed to be repeated over, and over again. There are Live Bonus Run throughs of the InPowerMeant steps every February and September. It is my intention that you actually become InPowered, not just purchase this program. This is a lifelong journey, and I am honored that you are considering learning and using the InPowerMeant Skills to walk your journey with more grace, peace, and resilience. You will naturally move away from it, and find your way back at your own rhythm.  I just want to be clear here by saying, upon each return, we are here for you.