InBodyMeant Hands-On Approach

Optimal Circulation is Your Foundation

The InBodyMeant method is based off the understanding that in order for every cell in your being to remain healthy and vital, it requires optimal circulation. Circulation of blood, lymph, sensory, biochemical, and energetic systems should all experience unimpeded flow.  Adrienne discovered that there are 4 main gateways to this optimal flow. Adrienne refers to them as your Power Zones.  

Prolonged Muscular Tension Blocks Circulation

Innately, we are designed to harbor tension as a protection mechanism, in order to function under increased stress. The power zones are the main areas that contract when prolonged stress is present. They become problem zones when we become accustomed to harboring the stress and never release it. Physical, emotional, and life stress all will trigger the same contraction patterns. When contractions are active, it literally begins to pull your body into a fetal position, and dramatically decreases circulation. In this state, energy, health, performance, and connection to self, and life are all compromised.

Your Body's Wisdom

The most amazing thing about your body is that you were designed to re-establish balance. Your body actually has a roadmap made uniquely for you. It's a road-map of tension.  Your mental, physical, and life experience tension will all intersect in your physical body. Adrienne refers to these are your power leaks. Adrienne developed a very specific approach to use your sensory system to re-activate and metabolize the tension patterns that have become trapped in your body.

Your system already knows how to heal, Adrienne's techniques show you how to get out of your own way.

An Intersection of All We've Learned, Now Evolving

Adrienne combines many modalities that you may have already experienced, medical massage, acupuncture and pressure, sports stretching, awareness work, Yoga, mindfulness based healing, and applies it to her foundation of Sensory Agility Techniques. This work is literally the intersection that makes all of our modalities function. When you work with adrienne you are learning about your own powers of awareness, and intention. She gets you out of your own way and teaches you how to replicate that state on your own. It's gentle and profound at the same time.