AlignMeant™ Class

First and Third Wednesday's of every month, from 7-8:30 pm.

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Learn to apply the InBodyMeant™ movement fundamentals, with the InPowerMeant™ effective introspective techniques to metabolize states of stuck-ness and achieve mental, physical, and life experience freedom and flow. Each week you will bring an aspect of mental, physical, or life experience stuck-ness, and learn to use Adrienne's patented Sensory Agility™ techniques to metabolize stuck states and instead being living in more consistent states of peace, grace, and purpose the way you were Meant To Live.

AlignMeant™2-Day Beach Immersion Retreat

Sunday November 15th 9am-6pm -Monday November 16th 9am-4pm.

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In this 2 day retreat, you will get the opportunity to condition your brain, and body to more fully InBody your purpose. You'll learn about the 7 systems of circulation, and experience how each of them are designed to flow through your body. These Flows are the fundamentals for the health and vitality of your Mind, Body, and Spirit.  Adrienne will be teaching the fundamentals of Sensory Agility™ skills and you will have an opportunity to condition your ability as well as support other participants in doing the same.

Demo Night 2nd Wednesday of every month from 7-9 pm.

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Come and watch first hand how easy it can be, to transition chronic conditions of pain, dysfunction, and limitation, into freedom, function, and balance.  Adrienne will choose 4 people from the audience (first come, first serve), to exchange their stuck-states for flow and freedom.

InBodyMeant™ Re-Sensitizing Training - Power Zone Two

Sunday and Monday February  28th-29th from 9:00 am-6:00 pm.

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In this two day training you will learn the fundamentals of the InBodyMeant™ Method, and how to support yourself, clients, and or, loved-ones, to position their Neck, Chest, Shoulders, and Upper Back to receive circulatory and sensory flow in order to restore balance and vitality.  In the class you will learn the "gate-keeper muscles" of Power Zone Two. You will condition your sensory awareness and integration of that area. You'll know how to stretch and re-sensatize, and integrate that area. Create dynamic releases using the Rapid release tool, and know how to stabilize and re-integrate Power Zone Two.