Join the Daily Training

The AlignMeantTraining is held every morning from 9:00 am - 9:45 am. It is a webinar formatted class. If you are unable to attend the live class, each class is recorded and then posted for 24-hours so you can access the training when it suits your schedule.

Class begins with a short description of the day's topic, then a 20 min. basics practice. Then dives deeper into 10 min with the days topic and ends with a 15 min. wrap up practice. You are able to type in questions and or comments throughout the class, and Adrienne is able to weave the answers into each practice.

Once you have registered, you receive a link to access the Live Daily Practice, as well as link to the 24-hour replay of that days class.  You can cancel at anytime by e-mailing Adrienne.


Reoccurring $28.00 a month.

You can cancel at anytime.