001: InBodyPod - How Can Tension and Stress Become Your Most Valuable Assets for Total Health?

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What does it take to InBody your unique life purpose and reach your fullest human potential? Join Adrienne Olson as she introduces you to The InBodyMeant Method, the unique approach she developed that will help you fully integrate body, mind, and spirit.

Adrienne Olson has had a successful private practice in the health, wellness, and empowerment field for more than 20 years. Over that time, she has developed a universal process that uses sensory awareness techniques and carefully targeted exercises to metabolize long-held tension, stress, and resistance.

Adrienne believes this process of stress metabolization and the consequent InBodyMeant of those so-called “negatives” create the foundation for a new evolution of the human spirit. With this podcast, Adrienne hopes to spark a revolution that teaches health and wellness practitioners, activists and coaches how to metabolize what is currently keeping them from their infinite potential.


In Today's Episode

  • Provide the back-story on why the InBodyMeant Method is a crucial piece of our current evolution as human beings.
  • Introduce the concept of InBodyMeant and help you measure how InBodied you are right now.
  • Show you how to set yourself free from the One Mistake that we all make at one time or another that keeps us stuck where we are.

BONUS: Free Awareness Quiz

  • Click this link to access the Free InBodyMeant Survey
    Click this link to access the Free InBodyMeant Survey

    This is so much fun, and the easiest way you can see if you are InBodying your Purpose.
    Click the link above and print out a few copies. Share with friends and family. Who is the most aligned person you know. Do you feel like you are living your life purpose daily?

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