002: InBodyPod - Is Your Positivity Poisonous?

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Are you someone who thinks that it’s always best to be positive – no matter what? If so, you just may be suffering from "Plastered Pernicious Positivity Syndrome (PPPS).

Join Adrienne today as she introduces you to an alternative to PPPS: the Art of Power Filled Presence, a foundational concept of the InBodyMeant Method. When you practice the Art of Power Filled Presence, you give yourself permission to be real wherever you are during whatever is happening in a way that honors you and everyone else around you.

In Today's Episode Adrienne Shows You How:

  • The overuse of positivity can actually disconnect you from your authentic path and stunt your infinite potential.
  • The qualities of accountability and action inherent in Power Filled Presence contrast with PPPS.
  • The three most common PPPS statements that people say when faced with discomfort that can unknowingly stagnate growth and healing.

You Will Also Learn:

  • Three InPowering responses that allow you to remain present in moments of discomfort and place you on a path of healing and InBodyMeant.
  • More about some of the points from last week’s episode as Adrienne shares with you the challenge of finding her bearings in this new world of podcasting.

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