037-InBodyPod-Activate Your Body's Innate Wisdom to Eat Only What It Needs- Interview with Dr. Karin Kratina

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"Most diets fail you by not taking into account the physiological and psychological aspects that arise when trying to control your weight with a regimented system or plan. This inevitably sets you up for failure, and it't not your fault.  I specialize in helping you to recondition your ability to be guided by your body's wisdom."

Dr. Karin Kratina
Eating Wisdom

Two amazing insights from Dr. Karin Kratina's interview.

"You have this innate internal wisdom called Alliesthesia, or, Sensory-Specific Satiety that kicks in when you have had enough to eat. You may notice it as actually changing the taste of the food."

You can expect in the days leading up to your menstrual cycle, that you'll need as much as 300 more calories.