010:InBodyPod – Is Your Pace Consuming The Best of You

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I believe the whole point of life is to fully experience the journey.  To feel the essence of a moment, a thought, or a connection. To truly let it in and allow it to change us.  This is easier said than done. We fully experience with our physical bodies.  Unfortunately the pace of our lives can many times shift us up and out of a physical experience and into a mental one.  In this state we are rushing, and accomplishing, checking things off the list, all the while, leaving behind the moments of connection that have the greatest potential to heal, InPower, and InLighten Us.

Today I invite you to take a closer look at the Pace of your life.

  • I'll introduce you to the two levels of experience
  • I'll show you how pace and purpose are interconnected
  • I'll walk you though the five areas of your life that are directly impacted from fast-paced living

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