Tension can transform your life into a continual experience of grace, peace, and resilience when you learn to have a relationship with it's innate flow.

That's my speciality!

Over the past 22 years as a medical massage therapist, I discovered a predictable pattern of flow that all tension takes in order to increase your clarity, resiliency, and receptivity. Tension is MEANT to flow through your body, brain, gut, heart, and your  life experience, in order to transform you into infinitely better versions of yourself.

Unfortunately, the majority of us don't understand this innate flow. Instead of knowing how to support the way tension flows, we misinterpret it, and tension becomes stuck. This interrupts our mental clarity and peace, disconnects us from our physical endurance and resilience, and creates conflict and separation in our relationships. Altogether, our lives become more limited than we'd like.  

After watching this pattern consistently present itself in my life, and in the lives of my clients, I began to interact with it. To cultivate a relationship with the tension itself.  I noticed that if I showed up and responded to it, instead of reacting to it, I got "un-stuck". And the vital flow of tension was then able to empower my entire life and being, in a new way.  I began a daily practice of deepening this relationship. Each day I understood more and more about the how and why tension was stuck in my brain, body, gut, heart, and life. With every passing practice, my mind became a little more clear.  My body subtly healed. And I slowly became more resilient and whole. This new relationship with myself has allowed me to experience a deeper level of abundance in my relationships and life.

I've showed my clients how to respond in relationship to their stuck tension, and they've also, day-by-day, became un-stuck as well. I believe and continually experience, this is how we were Meant to live.    

If you find yourself asking why am I stuck here? Why is this so hard?  Why can't I just heal this, feel stronger, connect more deeply to myself and life? Then I invite you to join me and learn how to cultivate a new relationship with the way tension is meant to flow in and through your life. I can say with immense confidence that, “You have the power to transform more that you can ever imagine!”  I hope to have the honor of supporting you on your journey. If you would like to check it out and learn more, you can join us in our daily practice. Click here for more info.